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Are You Looking For A New Bed?

Upholstered beds will add style and luxury to your bedroom, while also giving you a comfortable place to relax and sleep. Available in a range of finishes from a choice of colourful soft fabrics or you can choose faux leather finish, our upholstered bed frames are designed to offer both value and comfort in equal measure.

What are Upholstered beds?

Upholstered beds are bed frames covered in material, usually they are covered in a faux leather or a velvet type fabric but almost any material can be used in the manufacturing process. Foam is some other padding is added to the frame making it feel soft and luxurious when the frame is finished and fully upholstered.

They come in all sorts of different finishes, sizes and shapes, so we recommend finding a style and colour with a finish that suits your needs on a practical level.

Upholstered Bed Sizes

We sell upholstered beds in all sizes, including single sized beds right up to super king size. Whatever size you choose you can still expect same level of craftsmanship that will compliment your bedroom perfectly.

Storage Solutions

We know sometimes space is a premium and we are always trying to find solutions for storing our items in a way that doesn’t clutter the room. That’s why an upholstered bed can be a blessing because you get the benefits of a nice soft luxurious bed with the option of including drawers providing much needed storage space.

There are also many styles of upholstered beds including upholstered TV beds. This means you won’t have to have your TV hanging on the wall or taking up precious space on a bedside table or dressing table. Instead, the TV sits in the foot of the bed and can be raised or lowered with a remote control. Now that really is the ultimate in bedroom luxury!

Fabric Choices

We have a range of fabric choices in our range, and various colours too. Whether you’re looking for a statement bed in bright colour or you wish to dial things down a little you can choose a neutral coloured upholstered bed.

A Velvet bed should be the fabric of choice if you’re looking for a luxury upholstered bed. Its super soft surface is perfect for resting your head on when you’re feeling tired and about to drift off for those vital forty winks.

Upholstered Beds With Style

Are you looking for something a little different? What about a combination of a wooden bed featuring a fully upholstered headboard, it will make you feel like every time you go to sleep you are going right into your very own fairytale. Whatever type of upholstered bed you wish to choose there are important considerations to take into account so your new bed doesn’t look or feel out of place

Although TV beds may take up more room than your average bed frame due to the fact they will be housing a TV in the foot of the bed. However, this style of bed can be a real talking point when friends and family visit it also makes a real statement.