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Sleepeezee have been manufacturing quality mattresses for almost a century. From humble beginning to a brand known the world over for their skills and high quality. their range of mattresses and divan beds provide the ultimate in comfort and support, plus they compliment your bedroom with their aesthetics.

Sleepeezee Mattresses Featuring No Roll Together

Handmade in the UK, our Sleepeezee mattress range feature innovative solutions to enhance your sleep with a unique no roll together feature, allowing both you and your partner free to move and adjust your body position without disturbing their sleep, thereby giving you both the ultimate nights sleep.

A Century Of Making Dreams

Utilising their skills their skills and manufacturing techniques passed down since 1924 ensures each Sleepeezee mattress contains the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, each mattresses is hand made at their factory in Kent. Their brand is known all over the world for their attention to detail and quality. Sleepeezee have won awards for their quality and remain committed to making the best range of beds and mattresses on the market, this recognition has led to HRH the Prince of Wales awarding a Royal warrant.

We spend around 8 hours a night sleeping; that equates to a third of our life, Sleepeezee understand we need a good nights rest to recover and that’s why they endeavour to make the most comfortable range of mattresses to ensure we are able to wake feeling fully refreshed and start the day in optimal condition. That’s why choosing a Sleepeezee mattress is a good investment, plus you can choose your own comfort rating ranging for soft to very firm

Sleepeezee Mattresses Guarantee

Each Sleepeezee mattress comes with the Sleepeezee guarantee, so if your mattress develops any issue within the guarantee period, it will be replaced, subject to terms and conditions.