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Metal Bed Frames

From the beginning of time – man has been obsessed with all things shiny, and our metal beds are no different . At Dreameasy, our metal bed frames are available in a range of colours and styles to suit all budgets. Whether you’re looking for a single bed for one of the kids or you have decided to replace your old bed and want it replacing with one that oozes sophistication in a shiny chrome finish in a king size we think you will agree after looking through our range that we can offer something that accommodates all. We guarantee our stylish collection will revamp your bedroom to haven of luxury.

Solid, reliable and beautiful on the eye, our metal beds are designed not only to be robust and stand up to years of use, they are also designed to capture admiring glances too. Some are inspired by Victorian design, with prominent bed knobs and wrought-iron style framework that have remained fashionable ever since their inception. Easily recognisable by the design ethos at the time with parallel bars, and sweeping curves, they truly are majestic to look at – no wonder they have remained popular ever since.

As time as gone by, other designs have come along, inspired by bold, sturdy and chunky metal work with their sleek, tidy lines. Replacing the Victorian brass colours and replaced with an air of mystery with gun metal finishes, creating a cool and contemporary look that will take centre stage in any room they occupy

Whatever your preference, we have got a delightful selection of metal bed frames to browse through. You might want one that has been decorated with fancy crystal finials, or something a little less flamboyant, yet still interesting enough to give the bed visual appeal

Bronze, Chrome & Nickel Metal Bed Frames

In terms of finish, with the options of a metal bed frame decorated in a shiny chrome for example captures the lights from the room and shines in all directions – making it a great addition for a modern bedroom. Although a brushed metal finish in Nickel creates less drama than a chrome finish it still retains a metallic shimmer that people simply adore – plus you will find it easier to decorate around because you can opt for a traditional or modern look that will never look out of place. With a painted finish such as black, cream or white that offers protection to your metal bed frame the beauty and elegant features of the frame still shine through.

Single, Double & King Size Double Beds

Of course, our metal bed frames come in every size you expect. From single and double sizes – perfect for children and young adults, right up to king-size, for the grown up’s we think there’s a metal bed just waiting to seamlessly slot into your bedroom’s space, while your room still retains its original design scheme