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Loren Williams Mattress For The Best Support

Each Loren Williams Mattress is designed to provide total support and unrivalled comfort, night after night ensuring you sleep well and wake up feeling fully refreshed. Whether you’re looking for a new mattress for your current bed or you are looking to pair a Loren Williams mattress with one of our exciting collection of TV and tech Beds, or our Ottoman TV beds with underbed storage the choice is yours! Our range features all the sizes you expect to find when shopping for a new mattress, they include Single, Small Double, Double, King and Super-king size, whatever size you opt for you are guaranteed a good night’s rest.

Choose from our top of the range – the Supreme 3200, featuring 3200 springs all working independently to support your body and layers of luxury upholstery to create the perfect environment to help you fall asleep, whatever your choice all of our mattresses from Loren Williams perfectly contour your body – providing you with the necessary support that many mattress brands struggle to match.

A Loren Williams Mattress Is Made With The Finest Materials

Every mattress in our range is carefully tailored, utilising natural materials such as Cashmere wool, silk and the finest cotton. These materials are layered over the pocket springs, where each spring will contour to your shape and provide all the support required to help soothe and relax you to ensure you get a great night’s sleep. And don’t forget that each mattress comes with a free five-year warranty, for total peace of mind.

Are You Looking For A Memory Foam Mattress

Loren Williams have also incorporated memory foam into their mattress range, for example the Memory Pocket Deluxe features a 4cm layer, to help mould around you and create that feeling of sinking into a cloud. Memory foam is known the world over because of its supportive properties and is frequently used in all types of mattresses and soft furnishings because of the supportive properties and benefits on offer.

Sleep Better On A Loren Williams Mattress

Browse through our range and find a mattress that suits your criteria and budget, whether you’re looking for a firmer feel in a traditional back-care mattress or one that features an abundance of pocket springs with luxury layers of upholstery or one featuring memory foam ; Loren Williams caters for all types of in its range, for people looking to improve on their quality of sleep.