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Divan Bed Benefits

Buying a divan bed is a simple process – you can select a divan bed based on the criteria that best suits your needs such as the size and style.
Divan beds are available with drawers and that really helps to free up space in your wardrobe and other bedroom furniture pieces, which means you have more space and don’t need to worry about where your items are stored. With all your clutter stored discreetly under your bed,
Additionally, you can choose a comfort rating you would like for your mattress. On average people often go for a ‘medium’ level of support while others prefer something a little firmer.

What size divan bed shall I get?

With our range starting from a single size, going up to a whopping super-king size, we recommend buying the biggest divan bed that is suitable for the room, whilst still providing you with enough space to move freely and place other items of furniture in the room without being overly cramped.

What types of divan bed are available?

Divan beds come with various options and they are:-

A No drawer – clearly this means no drawers are included in the base

A 2-drawer divan beds feature 2 drawers in the base, 1 at either side of the bed.

A 4-drawer divan beds come with 4 drawers at either side of the bed, this makes them ideal if you share your bed with a partner.

A 2+2 continental style divan bed features 2 drawers at either side of the bed but each of these is a different size. This means 2 large drawers at the foot of the bed and 2 smaller drawers at the head, allowing you enough room to place a bedside cabinet or similar piece of furniture.

Divan Beds In A Choice Of Styles

When buying a divan bed you can choose the colour you think will best suit the room and match your décor, you can choose the option of having an headboard so you can sit up and relax whilst watching TV, reading a book or simply enjoying a cup of tea.