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What is a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses provide the ultimate support and comfort, they mould to the body’s contours. Originally developed for the space program by NASA back in the 1970’s to support astronauts during space flight, which places extreme pressures and forces on the human body. Soon after the properties were recognised for being beneficial for other environments. Today – the same technology helps support the spine, by keeping the correct alignment, which helps relieve pressure – benefiting people suffering from back pain who wake up in the morning and suffer discomfort.

A memory foam mattress or visco elastic foam for a slightly more scientific term is a layer of memory foam that varies in depth and is added to mattresses.

The memory foam found in a mattress reacts to the heat our bodies produce and radiate, this is how the foam begins to mould to the contours and shape of our body which enables the foam to provide total support while we sleep.

Finding a mattress that provides total support and provides a comfortable night’s sleep can seem like a daunting task but choosing to invest in a memory foam mattress could be a wise investment. Over time memory foam mattresses have increased in popularity due to the benefits provided. Our range of memory foam mattresses come in a variety of sizes. So if you are looking for a single size memory foam mattress or a super king or indeed something in between you will be able to find a size that’s suitable for both your budget as well as your needs

Choosing the best memory foam mattress

Choosing the right memory foam mattress will ultimately come down to your budget and personal preference; for example an original Tempur memory foam mattress is a solid block of visco-elastic foam that can cost a few thousand pounds, however you only sleep on the surface of a mattress so its now common to replace the underside with a high density reflex foam to provide the support, then a generous layer of memory foam is applied to provide the benefits outlined above whilst making these mattress types far more accessible to people on a smaller budget.

Pocket sprung mattresses have also been manufactured and now incorporate this innovative technology to provide a luxurious mattress that again costs hundreds instead of thousands, whatever type you prefer, just browse our range of memory foam mattresses and see what ticks the boxes.