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Gel mattresses work in way similar to memory foam, they are very comfortable and contour the body which relieves pressure and work to promote correct body posture, they help to distribute body weight evenly over the surface ensuring you and your partner are supported evenly with no roll together, helping you form a more natural sleeping position which enables you to sleep longer without waking and adjusting your position.

Gel Mattresses Versus Memory Foam

Aside from the numerous health benefits a gel mattress provides more efficient cooling than a regular memory foam mattress, with modern technology and an open cell structure gel mattresses are designed to ensure any heat generated is able to pass through the gel layer, which helps dissipate any residual heat more effectively, plus they offer excellent breathability.

Being hypoallergenic, they offer people with respiratory conditions relief over other mattress types. They are available in a range of sizes starting from Single up to Super king size. A gel mattress is suitable to be used on any type of bed including divan beds, Ottoman beds, and bed frames