Copper Adjustable Memory Mattress


Introducing the Copper adjustable memory mattress provides an optimal blend of comfort and support, making it perfect for a restful night’s sleep.

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Adjustable Mattress Sizes

Please Note All mattress sizes given are approximate and stated sizes refer to the sleeping surface only. Mattresses sizes may vary slightly from their stated dimensions due to manufacturing tolerances, please allow +/- 2 inches (5cm).
Small Single 75cm x 200cm 30 x 78 2'6 x 6.6
Single 90cm x 200cm 36 x 78 3'0 x 6'6
Small Double 120cm x 200cm 48 x 78 4'0 x 6'6
Double 135cm x 200cm 54 x 78 4'6 x 6,6
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Introducing the Copper adjustable memory mattress provides an optimal blend of comfort and support, making it perfect for a restful night’s sleep. It features a 5cm layer of memory foam that melds to the shape of the body, offering excellent pressure relief and minimizing motion transfer. This feature is particularly beneficial for couples, as it reduces the disturbance caused by movement throughout the night. When used with an adjustable bed, the Copper mattress’s flexibility allows users to modify the angle of the mattress to better suit their preferred sleeping position or specific health needs, such as elevating the head or feet to boost circulation or alleviate back pain.

Electric Adjustable Bed Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses combined with electric adjustable beds create a transformative sleep experience by blending comfort, support, and flexibility. The viscoelastic properties of the Copper adjustable memory mattress enable it to contour precisely to the body, providing unparalleled pressure relief and reducing motion transfer—a feature that significantly benefits those who share a bed. This helps to relieve stress on critical areas like the hips, back, and shoulders, thus promoting deeper, more restful sleep.

The integration of the Copper adjustable memory mattress for an electric adjustable bed enhances these benefits further. Adjusting the bed’s angle can assist in reducing snoring, relieving symptoms of sleep apnoea, and improving circulation through strategic elevation of the head or feet. This adaptability is particularly advantageous for individuals with chronic pain, older adults, or anyone seeking to optimize their sleeping posture for improved health and comfort. Together, memory foam mattresses and electric adjustable beds form a customizable sleep system that can markedly enhance sleep quality and overall health.

The Copper Adjustable Memory Mattress Key Features:-

  1. Base Layer: It has a substantial 15cm base of reflex foam, which provides a sturdy foundation. Reflex foam is known for its resilience and ability to bounce back to its original shape, supporting the body without sagging over time.
  2. Top Layer: Above the reflex foam, there is a 5cm layer of memory foam. Memory foam is celebrated for its pressure-relieving qualities, as it moulds to the body’s shape. This helps in distributing body weight evenly and reducing pressure points, particularly around critical areas such as the hips, shoulders, and spine.
  3. Medium Firmness: The mattress is tailored for those who prefer a medium feel, striking a balance between softness and firm support. This level of firmness is often suitable for a wide range of sleepers, including those who sleep on their back or side.
  4. Fabric Cover: The mattress is finished with a high-quality viscose fabric, which adds to the comfort and helps to keep the sleeping surface soft and breathable. Viscose is known for its silky texture and moisture-wicking properties, contributing to a cooler sleep environment.
  5. Washable Top Cover: The knitted top cover of the mattress is removable and machine washable, making it easy to maintain hygiene and freshness. This is particularly beneficial for those who are prone to allergies or simply prefer to keep their sleeping area meticulously clean.
  6. Body Contouring: The combination of reflex and memory foam allows the mattress to contour precisely to the body, which can aid in reducing the tossing and turning that often disrupts sleep.

The Copper adjustable memory mattress would be a good choice for those looking for a blend of support, comfort, and practical features like washability and medium firmness.

Overall Dimensions

Small Single: Width 75cm x Length 200cm x Depth 25cm
Single: Width 90cm x Length 200cm x Depth 25cm
Small Double: 120cm x Length 200cm x Depth 25cm
Double: Width 135cm x Length 200cm x Depth 25cm

Washing Instructions

Wash at 30°C, do not tumble dry – allow to dry outside or over a radiator!

Fire Resistant – Low Hazard

This product conforms to the BS7177: 2008 standard for domestic use (low hazard) – ideal for use at home

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