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What Is A TV Bed

A TV bed is an innovative piece of furniture that combines the comfort of a traditional bed with a TV, this modern convenience of built-in entertainment technology allows you to watch TV in bed on a screen size of anything from 26″ up to 55″.

These designs incorporates a television in the footboard, which can be raised and lowered using a remote control to operate the lift mechanism, allowing users to watch TV comfortably from their bed without compromising the aesthetic of their bedroom when the TV is not in use.

They come in a variety of sizes and styles, including Ottoman TV Beds, offering practical storage for larger items such as clothing, bedding and other items. Adjustable TV beds allow the user to control the base of the bed with a fully electrical adjustable mechanism that can alter the position of the user, these types also have a massage system built into the adjustable mechanism – all controlled with a remote control.

The Latest In TV Bed Technology

Our TV beds come with optional features such as ultra-thin, high-definition screens that provide superb picture quality, built-in speakers, storage compartments for media devices, USB charging ports, and ambient mood lighting.

Many of our models also incorporate technology, enabling users to control not just the TV but other bed functions such as adjustable base positions making them an all-in-one solution for relaxation and entertainment. Ideal for those who enjoy winding down with a movie or show before sleep, TV beds offer a luxurious and space-saving alternative to conventional setups.

TV Bed Features And Benefits

[1] Beds with TV built in: They feature an integrated TV lift mechanism built into the footboard, the TV can be raised and lowered with a remote control for convenience and space efficiency.
[2] Remote-Controlled Mechanism: Easy operation with a remote to lift or hide the TV without leaving the bed.
[3] Built-in Sound System With Bluetooth: High-quality speakers integrated into the bed frame for an immersive audio experience.
[4] TV Connectivity Options: Includes ports for HDMI, USB, and sometimes Bluetooth to connect various devices such as gaming consoles and streaming devices.
[5] Storage Solutions: Hidden compartments or drawers for storing electronic devices, DVDs, or bedding.
[6] USB Charging Ports: Conveniently located USB ports to charge devices like smartphones and tablets right from the bed.
[7] Build Quality: Sturdy frame construction, designed with durability in mind, often featuring robust materials like wood or metal.
[8] Customizable Designs: Available in various styles, materials, and colours to match any bedroom décor.
[9] Space-Saving: Eliminates the need for additional furniture like TV stands, making it ideal for.
[10] Different Sizes And Styles: Our TV beds are available in a range of sizes, including Single, Double, King and Super King, you can choose to have an Ottoman style that allows for plenty of underneath storage, an adjustable TV bed with a fully electric adjustable base that raises the head end, foot end etc, allowing you to find the perfect position for sleeping or simply relaxing.

Benefits Of Buying A TV Bed Online

Purchasing a TV bed online offers a convenient and expansive shopping experience, allowing you to choose from a wide array of styles and features from the comfort of your home. With a wide range of colours and fabrics to choose from, you are are guaranteed to find a fabric to suit your needs and décor. We provide a white glove delivery services that handle’s the assembly and setup of your new bed. This hassle-free approach not only saves you time and effort but also provides access to a broader selection of products than you might find in traditional brick-and-mortar stores, ensuring you find the perfect TV bed to enhance your bedroom and lifestyle.


[1] Do your TV Beds come with a TV?
No……… but you can buy one off Dreameasy or use your own
[2] Will my existing TV fit the bed?
This will depend on your TV’s dimensions, measure diagonally and measure the depth of your TV.
[3] What brand of TV’s do you supply for your beds?
We use Samsung TV’s
[4] Can you make alterations to your TV beds?
Yes…….. we can make alterations on request to ensure your bed will fit
[5] Do you offer free delivery and installation on your TV beds?
Yes, we deliver and install all over the UK into a room of your choice.
[6] Do you offer finance on your TV beds?
Yes, starting with our 0% finance, you can pay monthly over a term that suits your budget.
[7] Do you offer a guarantee or warranty on your beds?
Yes, our range of TV beds comes with a free five year warranty.
[8] Where can i buy a TV bed?
You can buy a TV bed on our website or you can visit our showroom to try them.
[9] Are TV Beds safe?
Yes……… some models on the internet automatically turn the TV off when the lift mechanism is lowered, or you can use the auto off feature in the TV’s settings.
[10] How much do they cost?
They start at £799.99, but ultimately the price is dictated by options like size, and other options you may want.
[11] Can i use any type of mattress?
Yes……… our beds come with a choice of tradition sprung base or a solid base, either option is compatible with all types of mattress.
[12] Are TV beds difficult to assemble?
We take care of assembling our beds in a room of your choice, so you do not need to worry,
[13] Are there any specific requirements on maintenance?
No………. Use your TV bed in the same way you would use a more traditional bed.