Eleanor Adjustable TV Bed


The Eleanor adjustable TV bed is a modern adjustable bed with a TV motor built into the foot end of the bed, not only is it a stylish and modern bed frame, it features all of the benefits of an adjustable bed. It allows you to raise the head or foot end independently or simultaneously adjust both at the same time to find your perfect position for relaxing or sleeping. The Eleanor adjustable TV bed also allows you to watch TV in bed, all of the beds features are controlled at the touch of a button.

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The Eleanor adjustable TV bed is a modern adjustable bed with a TV motor built into the foot end of the bed, not only is it a stylish and modern bed frame, it features all of the benefits of an adjustable bed. It allows you to raise the head or foot end independently or simultaneously adjust both at the same time to find your perfect position for relaxing or sleeping. The Eleanor adjustable TV bed also allows you to watch TV in bed, all of the beds features are controlled at the touch of a button.

Eleanor Adjustable TV Bed With Drawers

The Eleanor is a popular choice for customers looking to convert the space under their bed into useful storage with its optional drawers on each side of the base which are ideal for storing clothing or other personal belongings.

The Eleanor is available in a choice of sizes, including Double, King and Super King and comes with dual adjustable motors, which can be controlled by a choice of remote controls, each mechanism features 28 beech slats.

This stunning adjustable TV Bed is available with speakers built into the bed, allowing you to relax and listen to some of your favourite songs, a 2.1 media entertainment system features two speakers and one subwoofer, all controlled by Bluetooth.

Further options allow you to include a massage system into the Eleanor adjustable TV bed, a massage helps stimulate blood flow to aid in recovery and promote other healing benefits.

Adjustable Bed With Mattress

Our adjustable bed mattresses allow you to pair any adjustable tv bed and we have a choice of the following options!

[1] Sleepeezee Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress

[2] Sleepeezee Cool Comfort Adjustable Mattress

[3] Sleepeezee Gel Comfort Adjustable Mattress

[4] Sleepeezee Latex Adjustable Mattress

Watch TV in Bed

With a choice of TV sizes you can watch your favourite shows, catch up tv, stream the latest offerings from Amazon, Netflix, Disney and much more with the latest Smart tv’s, with built in apps. Choose to watch tv in bed with a 55″ tv.

Our Adjustable tv bed range come with the option of all screen sizes, the most common sizes for tv beds are 32″ and 43″, however should you want the complete cinema experience a Super king size bed is needed for holding a 55″ tv.

This modern adjustable TV bed comes with a choice of mattress options, all designed to offer supreme comfort and support, so whether you want to sit and relax or go for an early night, you need not worry about comfort, with a wide range of options and settings the Eleanor adjustable TV bed is designed to meet your needs and cater to every whim.

Choose from a large array of colours, textures and fabrics you can match the colour to suit your bedroom’s colour scheme., you can customise your very own adjustable bed with TV, for hours of entertainment and look forward to a bed that will offer unrivalled superior support night after night.

Adjustable Bed Benefits

  • Adjustable TV Bed Available in Double, King And Super King Size
  • Dual 5 Fold Action With 18 Stone Lift And 28 Beech Slats
  • Optional Motor Upgrade For TV’s Up To 55″
  • Choice Of Latest Samsung TV Sizes
  • Large Choice Of Colours Available
  • Option To Include Bluetooth Speakers In The TV Bed
  • Optional Choice Of Drawers
  • Optional Choice Of Massage System
  • Choice Of Sleepeezee Adjustable Mattresses
  • Choice Of Either Corded Or Infra Red Remote Adjustable Bed Control Unit
  • Optional Mood Lighting
  • Optional USB Charging
  • TV Bed UK Made
  • Free Five Year Warranty
  • Free Delivery And Installation

German Engineered Mechanism - Whisper Quite Motor

  • 5 part adjustable 2 motor system
  • Birch plywood natural finish inner wood sections
  • 60mm plywood natural finish side rails
  • 28 sprung birch plywood slats
  • Grey/Anthracite twin shoes
  • Weight adjuster zone for lumber region
  • Centre belt to distribute point loads
  • Load bearing points bolted and sleeved to increase strength and prevent squeaks

Massage System - Perfect For Aches And Pains

Our adjustable bed range include the option of a massage system. Our massage systems enable you to adjust the position of the bed as well as give a gentle massage from the same handset (With the CDL - C series handset) an additional handset is supplied if you intend to use our baseline series handset. The resulting massage helps send the occupant into a deep and restful sleep. A massage is therapeutic and stimulates increased blood flow, which in turn helps provide relief from aches and pains.

A powerful motor mechanism simply bolts to the underside of the adjustable bed mechanism and sends pulses or waves throughout the mattress, you have the option to control the area you wish to massage. You can even set the remote control to wake up to a massage if required. One unit is attached under the head of the mattress and another unit is attached under the foot end of the mattress. You have the option of having the massage system installed on one mattress or both mattresses

  • Two maintenance-free massage motors, one for head section one for foot
  • High quality infrared remote to control the massage and bed adjustment
  • Adjustable massage intensity for both motors
  • 3 wave massage programmes
  • Timer function for 10 minutes

Adjustable Beds With Storage

Our range is available with a choice of drawers, the perfect solution if you need extra space to store your items, they are available in the following options:-

  • No Drawers
  • 2 Large Drawers - 1 either side at the foot end of the bed
  • 4 Drawers Conti Style - 2 either side featuring a large drawer at the foot end and a smaller drawer at the head end - this option is perfect if you have bedside cabinets or fitted furniture.
  • 4 Large Drawers - 2 either side of the bed

Available Sizes

Primarily available in King and Super King size but our range is also available in other sizes too, if you require a 4'0 (Small Double - 120cm) 0r 4'6 (Double - 135cm) then please contact us for further information - we will be happy to assist!

Fully Bespoke Service

Because we design and manufacture our own range of beds, we are able to modify the beds to meet the needs of our customers, we can for instance alter the size of the headboard and reduce the height, or you might like it taller than specified - we can help, contact us and let us know and we will be happy to help.

You can even use your own fabric and send it to us where we can create a truly bespoke bed, one that matches your interior design and blends seamlessly with your bedrooms colour scheme, once again again contact us and lets see if we can help.

Sleepeezee Adjustable Mattress

We have a choice of Sleepeezee adjustable mattresses to compliment our adjustable bed range, whatever your chosen preference, you can sleep soundly knowing that any investment in a Sleepeezee mattress will not only provide a great night's sleep, but with the Sleepeezee guarantee you are covered for 5 years,

Adjustable Mattress Size Information

Please note: On our range of beds, in King and Super King sizes all mattresses are split - this means for example a king size bed (5'0ft) will have two mattresses measuring 2'6ft (sleeping area) this creates a his and her combination, so both mattresses will have their own mechanism and handset that can be set to each individuals requirement, mattress retaining clips ensure they stay in place and will not move - so you don't have the hassle of manoeuvring them.

See More For Information And Product Specifications.

The 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable Mattress from Sleepeezee is perfect for your adjustable bed, this mattress offers you a great night's sleep.

With 1000 individual pocket springs that respond independently to your movements during the night, this mattress supports every part of your body. Enjoy sumptuous comfort with luxurious layers of natural wool. Complete with a soft-touch fabric finish, and in a perfectly balanced medium firmness, this adjustable mattress is the ideal combination of support, comfort and style.

Hand-tufted to keep all of those luscious fillings in place, the 1000 Pocket Natural Adjustable is single-sided for your convenience and peace of mind. Simply rotate your new mattress every three months using the turning handles provided to keep it in great condition.


Product Features

  • 1000 individual pocket springs for responsive support
  • Luxurious layers of natural wool
  • Hand-tufted for enhanced support and longevity
  • Single-sided for your convenience
  • Complete with turning handles
  • Perfectly balanced medium support
  • Mattress depth: 21cm
  • Made in the UK
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Introducing the luxurious Gel Comfort 1000 Pocket Adjustable Mattress from Sleepeezee - making getting in and out of bed easier!

Crafted from 1000 individual pocket springs, the Sleepeezee Gel comfort mattress responds to your unique movements for tailored support all through the night. The springs in your Gel Comfort are made from 30% recycled steel, so you can get a great night's sleep while helping the environment, too!

Featuring a sumptuously deep 2cm layer of Aqualite Gel foam to softly cradle your body, this mattress offers exceptional all-round comfort. The Gel Comfort is perfect for relieving those everyday aches and pains for a more peaceful night's sleep. Enjoy superior support and sublime comfort with the Gel Comfort's balanced medium support.

Wrapped in a soft-touch micro quilted cover, you can sleep peacefully - even in the summer - thanks to the clever Cooler Moisture Management finish. This technology reduces the risk of overheating, helping you stay cool, comfortable and refreshed all night long.


Product Features

  • Luxury 2cm layer of Aqualite Gel
  • 1000 individual pocket springs
  • Unrivalled pressure relief
  • Soft-touch micro-quilted cover
  • Knitted panel infused with Cool Comfort technology
  • Easy care, no need to turn mattress
  • Medium support for the best of both worlds
  • Crafted for your adjustable bed
  • Turning handles for easy rotation
  • Mattress depth: 22cm
  • Made in the UK
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Introducing the 1000 Latex Adjustable Mattress from Sleepeezee

This mattress is crafted from 1000 individual pocket springs. Responding to your unique movements throughout the night, this ensures you receive the optimum level of support, where you need it most.

The perfect accompaniment to your adjustable bed, the Latex 1000 features a luxurious 4cm of latex for soothing pressure relief, easing any aches and pains. There's no need to worry about overheating either - this mattress is complete with built in air vents to keep you cool and fresh.

The Latex 1000 comes complete with a beautifully designed knitted cover and woollen tufts. Traditional hand-tufting helps to secure the plush fillings inside, improving the performance and longevity of your mattress, for night after night of comfort.


Product Features

  • 1000 individual pocket springs for responsive support all night long
  • A deep 4cm layer of luxurious latex for enhanced comfort
  • Hand-tufted for durability and support
  • Easy to move and handle thanks to built-in turning handles
  • No need to flip over - single-sided for your convenience
  • Stay cool and fresh every night with built-in air vents
  • Balanced medium level of support
  • Mattress depth: 22cm
  • Made in the UK
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Introducing the revolutionary Cool Comfort Adjustable Mattress from Sleepeezee - the ideal addition to your adjustable bed.

This mattress is constructed from 1000 individually pocketed springs that respond independently as you sleep to provide you with optimum support throughout the night. A luscious medium level of support offers the perfect balance of comfort and support. Complete with a sumptuous 2cm layer of memory foam, the Cool Comfort Memory offers outstanding pressure relief to soothe those daily aches and pains.

The Cool Comfort is finished with a soft-touch micro quilted cover, so you can experience a clean and healthy sleep environment. Hypoallergenic for your peace of mind and with a Cool Comfort finish, you don't need to worry about overheating during the night - this adjustable mattress helps to keep you feeling cool and refreshed.


Product Features

  • 1000 individual pocket springs offer enhanced support
  • Sumptuous 2cm layer of memory foam for blissful comfort
  • Micro-quilted cover is soft to the touch
  • Knitted panel with Cool Comfort technology ensures a fresher sleep
  • Single-sided for your convenience - no need to flip!
  • Well-balanced medium support
  • Hypoallergenic for your peace of mind
  • Complete with turning handles
  • Mattress depth: 22cm
  • Made in the UK
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Would you like a few extra features on your adjustable bed?

Our range comes with the option to have mood lighting installed on the headboard, Controlled by a motion sensor - simply wave your hand over the sensor to provide your room with ambiance or use the mood lighting to act as a guiding light, instead of moving around in the dark and disturbing your partner.
You can even have USB charge points in the side rails of your bed, to charge your phone, tablet or kindle - perfect if you like to read in bed and not worry about your device running out of power.


VAT relief is available on this product if you have the necessary documentation, further information on VAT exemption can be found here.

5 Year Warranty

Our entire range of Adjustable beds come with a full five-year warranty as standard. For more information please read our warranty page.


Please allow 2 - 4 weeks, this is a made to order product, which includes full assembly in a room of your choice by our installers, all packaging will be removed from your room when installation is complete.

Please ensure the room is empty prior to arrival to allow the install of your new bed.


Eleanor TV bed Overall Dimensions:

Bed Headboard Height – 150cm
Bed Foot End Height – 85cm
Double: Width 158cm x 223cm
King: Width 173cm x Length 231cm
Super King: Width 204cm x Length 231cm

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